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The present is is the privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") for the "Site". The present Privacy Policy explains our regulations and priorities that have to do with personal data (and other information connected to the Site) collection, application and sharing. By using this Site you confirm your understanding and agreement to the present Privacy Policy and its terms.

The present Privacy Policy makes part of the Terms and Conditions that relate to the general use of the Site.

Age Restrictions: The Site should be used by persons who are 18 years or older, otherwise any personal information provided through the means of this Site will not be accepted legally.

Domicile Restrictions: The Site is intended and created to be used by persons who are legally domiciled on the territory of the United States.

Information collection

Personally Identifiable Information

This Site may impose the collection of different types of personally identifiable information such as Application Data as well as other types of data that are found within User Submissions on this Site, which is collected via different forms such as online applications and forms, comments, e-mails and other submissions to the Site. The information that may be asked for submission to the Site may include sensitive data like financial, health and other conditions of the person providing it.

We will not disclose any of the personally identifiable information to any third parties unless you give us written permission to do so and if not included in premises contained in this very Privacy Policy.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

This Site may also require you to provide non-personally identifiable data through different means that may be classified as demographic information and site activity data.

Information such as this is required to be provided by users in order to optimize the work of insurance company representatives at this Site, making it easier to provide exact quotations taking in regard the variables affecting the final rates that are regarded as non-personally identifiable information.


By using the present Site you agree that we are free from any liability claims that may arise in case of data theft or unauthorized access to personal data provided to our Site through the means of online forms and other means of communications. We strive to provide the highest grade of security and data encryption when receiving personal information, however we cannot guarantee that it won't be lost, stolen or damaged by any third parties, which may find ways to override our Site's security systems.


The sites to which the links from the present Site may lead are completely out of our control and responsibility. This, we do not hold any responsibility for the information, services or products available at these sites.

Policy Acceptance

By receiving information and using the tools available at the present Site you accept the present Privacy Policy. In case you disagree with the present Policy or any of its terms, we strongly encourage you to leave this site and not use it in the future. This Privacy Policy may be subjected to changes and modifications, so we strongly encourage users to review it on a regular basis. In case you continue to use this site and receive information through its means after changes have been introduced to the present Privacy Policy this means you agree to the modifications as well.

In case you have any questions retarding the present Privacy Policy or any of its terms, please contact Us